Strange Mud on the Side of Truck and Sasquatch Footprint Found in Umatilla National Forest

Strange mud on the side of the pickup.

Update: NWBigfoot said this place is in the Umatilla National Forest. Forest road 6235. Nearest town would probably be Troy Oregon or Elgin, Oregon.

Interesting videos from an unknown Bigfoot research group who goes by the name of NWBigfoot. These clips look really recent and they were just uploaded on June 28. The witness encountered two types of Bigfoot activity in the Umatilla National Forest.

Overall, it's a great find by the team. We hope to post more of their videos as they come along.

Here's a description of the first activity (mud on side of truck):
Took a walk in the woods, heard a weird wailing sound. When we returned to the truck there were strange mud swirls at the door handles on the driver's side. They were only on that side and only at the door handles. Bigfoot tried to steal my truck!!! They need to put a bait car in the Umatilla National Forest.

Description of second activity (large footprints):
The night before, one of our group saw something large moving out in the woods. Two of us saw reflective eyes of something hiding behind the branches of a fallen tree. The next day we went back and found several large footprints. This one being the most clear.

Sasquatch footprint


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