Pictures of the Day: André the Giant

Andre the Giant (May 19 1946 - January 27 1993) was a wrestler and actor, born André René Roussimoff in Coulommiers, France. He was at least 6'10" tall, and was usually billed at over 7' tall. His great size was a result of excessive growth hormone, a condition known as pituitary gigantism, and led to him being dubbed "The Eighth Wonder of the World".

In the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), Roussimoff is a one-time WWF Champion and a one-time WWF World Tag Team Champion. In 1993, he was the first inductee into the WWF Hall of Fame.

Chuck Wepner is draped on the ropes, about to fall through

Debbie Harry with Andre the Giant

March 25th, 1976-- New York. Ali Meets a Giant.

Wilt Chamberlain, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Andre the Giant
-- on the set of Conan.

Andre the Giant-- 7" 4" and 424 pounds of wrestling mayhem.

Andre the Giant with an armload of uh, beauties --back in 1982.

French wrestler Andre Rene Roussimoff, best known as
"Andre the Giant" during a Paris fashion exhibition.
At 19, Andre reportedly stands 7 feet and 4 inches tall --1966.


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