Monsters' Ball: Matt Moneymaker not afraid of Bigfoot, truly has monster balls

The Science Channel released a clip showing how brave Matt Moneymaker really is. While others are scared to death after hearing giant rocks being thrown into the water nearby, Matt remained calm "like he had seen this before", said one researcher. Matt is a former military man (corrected, see Matt's comment below, thanks Matt) and President of the BFRO, so he is not afraid of anything.

Matt Moneymaker
Before they began their Bigfoot research, Matt warned the team that "if you go into their area at night, they will try to intimidate you and make you leave. There's various things they will try to do to scare you out." Stories like this is no wonder the researchers were scared to death!

To see more of Matt Moneymaker, be sure to watch the new Animal Planet: Finding Bigfoot show, starring Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman and some other people (only kidding here, we know who the rest are, just hit the link below)

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  1. I was never in the military ... and I don't know how he got that idea. Maybe someone else told him that, but I sure didn't ... There was other people on that trip who were military people, including some who had served in Bosnia, and one of those guys was named Matt too. I can only assume that was the cause of the confusion.

  2. I think, mr.matt moneymaker bullshited these people up, because he intended to be the mighty hunter, it had these people believe the story because when this film was edited it sure wasn't changed.I believe Matt moneymaker seen this film after it was done and just let it go...


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