BFRO: Spokane figure could be a man in dark clothes

The BFRO or the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization founded in 1995 is a scientific research organization exploring the bigfoot/sasquatch mystery. In the past few days they have received several emails asking about their opinion about the new footage from Spokane, Washington. The clip has been shown on a few news channels in that part of the country and around the world. Although they are not calling the video a hoax, they are questioning the behavior of "Samantha" who originally uploaded the footage. "There may be very valid reasons for Samantha to remain anonymous, but that's not the typical pattern for authentic footage," said the BFRO.

Now that you've seen the footage you'll see what I'm talking about. It could be a man in dark clothing running by, perhaps even staged to run by. At this time the camera person (a female) has chosen to remain anonymous, except for her first name: Samantha.

It is poor form to involve children in a hoax, so we hope this particular footage was not a hoax by Samantha and her young kids. There may be very valid reasons for Samantha to remain anonymous, but that's not the typical pattern for authentic footage.

Historically, very few sightings have been reported near Spokane. The last reported sighting near Spokane was in 1985. Prior that we have to dial all the way back to 1961, when there was an incident near Mount Spokane. We don't have any unpublished reports from near Spokane either. Sightings just don't happen near there very often.

The incident occured in Downriver Park, on the western perimeter of Spokane.

Matt Moneymaker, President of the BFRO commented on an earlier post and said they received a message from Spokane about a student "viral video" assignment:
Yesterday the BFRO received a message from Spokane saying that students from this community college had been assigned to make a viral video. This was one of the videos made for that assignment, supposedly.

If that is so, then I assume other students would know about it by now, which means we'll be getting confirmation from other sources eventually. It is not a bigfoot though. The question is whether the footage just captured a guy fleeing in the woods (perhaps an illegal alien laborer - out west they often camp secretly in parks and river bottoms near towns), or was it done in cahoots with the camera person and kids. Whatever the answer is between those two possibilities ... it is irrelevant to bigfoot research at this stage. It is a non-bigfoot.



  1. BFRO: Spokane figure could be a man in dark clothes.
    wait..wait......this just in........BFRO says it could be..could be a WOMAN in dark clothes....
    NEWS FLASH -- Not all sightings are reported there could be more reports from Spokane.......


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