Animal Planet: Finding Bigfoot Clips (New)

Time for Animal Planet to stop teasing and show us some actual clips. Here you go. Thanks Animal Planet! Enjoy.

Finding Bigfoot: Large Footprints
While researching a bigfoot sighting in northern Georgia, the team comes across a pair of large footprints and decide that, yes, these were made by a sasquatch.

Finding Bigfoot: The Bigfoot Lottery
The bigfoot team decides that they may have found actual bigfoot footprints, which they say are extremely rare. Are they being fooled or is this the real thing?

Finding Bigfoot: A Howl In the Woods
The bigfoot team descends on a Georgia forest with night vision and thermal imaging cameras. They take turns "calling out," but when something seems to call back, they are stunned.

Finding Bigfoot: Bigfoot's Handprint?
The team meets a woman who claims Bigfoot opened up her back door. Amateur video shows a greasy smear mark that she claims is Bigfoot's handprint. Is she right?

Finding Bigfoot: Real vs. Fake Evidence
The bigfoot team explains how they can tell real evidence from fake. Since only a few pieces of what they deem real evidence exist, it's fairly easy for them to spot a fake.

Finding Bigfoot: Have You Ever Seen Bigfoot?
Find out who on the bigfoot research team has actually encountered a sasquatch, and for those who believe they have, what it was like to be that close.

Finding Bigfoot: In Search of the Squatch
Is Bigfoot out there? Join a team of bigfoot researchers as they go in search of the elusive ape man. Watch "Finding Bigfoot," Sundays at 10pm, only on Animal Planet!

Listening for sounds of Bigfoot
The team breaks out the parabolic mic in order to hear the sounds of bigfoot.

What Is That?
The team is fishing for Bigfoot in the Molalla Forest and hear a noise. Have they finally found proof that Bigfoot exists?

Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot: Episode Guide:

Premiering Sunday, June 5, 10PM e/p

Bigfoot expert Matt Moneymaker takes his team to northern Florida to help a family that believes they have a bigfoot living on their property. The team meets with members of the Seminole nation, whose history with the creature allegedly goes back hundreds of years.

Premiering Sunday, June 12, 10PM e/p

From deep inside the North Carolina Uhwarrie National Forest comes one of the most convincing pieces of bigfoot footage from the past 40 years. The team of BFRO investigators use decades worth of experiences to determine if this footage is the real deal.

Premiering Sunday, June 19, 10PM e/p

Bigfoot expert Matt Moneymaker takes his team of specialists to Oregon to examine a video taken on a rafting expedition. While investigating, the BFRO team hears a sound in the middle of the night that they believe could prove the creature’s existence.

Premiering Sunday, June 26, 10PM e/p

Famed bigfoot expert Matt Moneymaker and his team of bigfoot investigators journey into the mountains of southern Washington to explore a series of photos that depict what some believe is a bigfoot on a snowy peak.

Premiering Sunday, July 10, 10PM e/p

A call from a concerned mayor brings Matt Moneymaker and his team of bigfoot experts to the island of Prince of Wales, Alaska. The island allegedly has a long history with the beast, and a recent spike in reported activity has the townspeople on edge.



  1. Willard and Altman said Moneymaker is a fraud. I would hate to be them. said it on a podcast.

    1. Bullshit. Altman is a friend of Moneymaker.

  2. Matt you and your team keep up the great work!!! Love the show!!!!!

  3. shhh, wait. what is that? look over there. shhhh. wait. what is that. look over there. shhh. wait.


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