Threatening Dogman Encounter Caught On Video

From NvTv comes a pretty frightening video of what they are saying is a dogman creature captured on video. Check it out.


  1. No fart jokes = no JoeTomi

    gotta sprinkle a lil` stink of ass t` bring `em in

    1. awww, did you make that up yourself or did you get your nanny to help out ?
      Your social skills are improving PS, keep up the good work boyo !


    2. ^ as usual the idiot JokeTomi succumbs to the stench of asshole,,,what a very strange little creepy paedo he is.

  2. it does look like someone in a batman suit,but the glowing eyes are really hard to fake especially for humans.Because our eyes can't glow in the dark.And I noticed that in the dogmen reports coming in across the country.They're becoming more aggressive towards humans.


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