Dead Bigfoot Bodies

From - The Mysterious Cases of Dead Bigfoot Bodies

One of the biggest criticisms directed at cryptozoologists looking to prove the existence of Bigfoot is that there just doesn’t seem to be any undeniable physical evidence left behind. Sure we have footprints, eyewitness accounts, and blurry videos, but where are all of the bodies? Surely with a massive creature seen in every state of the Union there must have at some point been some carcass of the animals stumbled across or found, some instance of one of them killed by accident or found rotting away in the wilderness. If Bigfoot exists, then why have we not found a single shred of such evidence despite all of the people traipsing about seeking it out? Well, what if the evidence we are looking for really is out there and we simply haven’t found it yet? What if there are reasons why these bodies have been so hard to locate? There are many possible answers to this conundrum, but here we are going to look at tantalizing cases that show that the bodies of these mysterious giants just might really be out there, and we simply have not found them yet.

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