Wild Hominids In Florida

From the Crypto Reality youtube channel:

Cryptic wild Hominids are really out there thriving-Skunk-ape, bigfoot Sasquatch in Florida, learn about them from solid long term field research, crypto reality bigfoot research-"The Bigfoot Researcher's Journal"


  1. 'Gug', Zasskey I wish I could join you on your adventures getting raped by homeless Mexicans and black people, 'Gug', Fasano is so fat and ugly and can't get homeless blacks and Mexicans to stay still for pictures. He should bait with malt liquor cans like you do and then drop trou like you do, 'Gug'
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  2. The actual title is "Wild Orchids of Florida".

  3. Joe you are making Zaskey an offer he can't refuse.

  4. Zaskeys hour long videos mainly show bushes paerdoila and the occasional drifter hiding in the woods.


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