High Strangeness in Alabama Bigfoot Hunting

Jonathan Odom experiences some strange things while out searching for signs of bigfoot in Alabama. Things that just don't seem quite right.


  1. Another fat guy and bs stories

  2. Speak softly and carry a big fat juicy dripping JOERG STICK!!

  3. I was watching Man in the High Castle yesterday on Amazon, and I was surprised to hear what sounds just like bigfoot yells in the background during one scene. I am absolutely not kidding.

    If you got to season 2 episode 5 at 24:42, there is a scene in which the Joe Blake character is outside talking to his estranged father. As they are talking, you can clearly hear noises in the background that sound just like many of the bigfoot yells that you can listen to on Youtube, the BFRO website, and other bigfoot sites.

    I don't know where they filmed this scene. They either captured bigfoot yells on the episode in the background or whatever is making those sounds on the show is what is being passed off as bigfoot yells on Youtube and bigfoot sites, because it sounds identical.

    Check it out yourself if you don't believe me.

  4. Not this smug, eye squinting ball bag again.
    He believes it bigfoot but also believes it's something else. If you don't know what something is then it's bigfoot, Odom reckons.
    I still reckon if you add 50kg and some stains to his clothes. That is exactly what Itkomi looks like.

    Dazz from Oz

    1. Awe come on Dazz,he aint all that bad


    2. However, after watching his vid,,,uh ,never mind.


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