Another Video of a Possible Yeti in Murmansk Russian? Or Is This a Practical Joke? Translation Badly Needed

Editor’s Note: This is a post by Bigfoot Evidence contributor, Damian Bravo. You can join his Facebook group, Sasquatch Lives? or follow him on Twitter @Sasquatchlives1.

While looking at videos on YouTube from around the world, of possible Bigfoot, Yeti or Yowie sightings I came across this interesting video posted by YouTube user, TheComradeRussia, back on Aug 3, 2011. One person commented that the event took place in the area of Murmansk Russia. It’s hard to tell from what happening in the video and it’s unclear whether it’s a practical joke being played since I do not know Russian. It’s possible that these three comrades had the scare of their life during this possible sighting of a Yeti or Wildman. The cameraman was focusing on the two other talking and it seems only when the figure peeked over the fence did they realize something was not right about it, but hey… I could be wrong since I do not understand what they are saying.

Below are a few sets of the most important still frames I extracted from the video that shows the best still of the strange figure. The video is low quality so I did the best I could to bring more light on the figure since the video is dark and a white background is behind all the people and the strange figure in frame. One observation which I found interesting-- in the still frames, the figure walking by and behind the fence seems to be of a uniform shade of color.

These first 13 frames show the moment the strange figure walks into frame in between the two comrades talking and it seems that the cameraman does not notice or pay attention to the figure walking by. But in the last few frames I think they finally notice and then the figure peeks over the fence which you will see in the next set of frames. (Frames 0213 to 0227)

In these next frames you can see the moment the figure peeks over the fence and can bare see some type of facial features, again the interesting thing I found is the figure had a uniform color from head to shoulders. You can see in the frames when the figure seems to be startled by the three comrades yells when they notice the figure looking at them. (Frames 0409 to 0415 in sequence)


  1. there is no way shawn evidence believes in bigfoot.

  2. niet bigfootski andrei in suitski

    1. Да bigfoot мой отец сказал мне, так. Вы немой и нужна помощь!

  3. "Cruising under your radar
    Watching from satellites
    Take a page from the red book
    Keep them in your sights
    Red alert
    Red alert"

    1. Good to see you back rushferlife.
      Screw those tatertrollers.
      Happy New Year!!!!!!

    2. Happy new year to all, even the trollers.


    3. Favorite album? Power Windows.It came along in my formitive years and stuck with me like no other. I also love me some Iron Maiden!As for the new stuff I enjoy Sarah Jarohz(may be spelled wrong)
      Check her out on Youtube!
      happy New Year to you too!

  4. Stand back, boys, I warn you, I am highly educated.

    I am also a girl.

    Just check my pic.

    I mean, come on.

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  6. Really? As for translation, the two guys are talking about the fire then the guy in the costume sticks his head up and there is just a bunch of random swearing. Pretty sure you also hear a guy laughing in the background.

  7. I'd say this is fake. If anyone was going to chase a Bigfoot, it would be a crazy Russian.

  8. Notice when it takes off after being seen, it swings it's arms as it's looking back. Resembles Patty. Another interesting video.

  9. Yeah the guy laughing in the back round makes this one a tad suspicious.

  10. This blog post nothing but fake ass shit! Shawn needs to rename this site to the evidence of bigfoot hoaxs, that is all that is they show!!!!!!

    1. And exactly what qualifies as "real" evidence in your book? Besides stills and video, what else CAN be presented on this or ANY site??

      What astonishing 'truth' can be presented in video that can't be recreated using existing means, like costumes, camera tricks (like perspective shots), photoshop, or CGI?

      Video is poor evidence, doesn't matter what site it is on. You want evidence? Go to the forest and capture it with your own senses. You will never find believable evidence on the internet. Which makes fighting over the existence of Bigfoot based on what is presented online a pretty stupid activity. Period.

    2. Я из России и есть bigfoots, везде, пожалуйста, посмотрите в вашем месте вы можете найти один хороший

  11. Munns has lost his marbles.

    He wrote an essay to a skeptic society asking permission to bring his dog and pony show to a conference. In the letter he expounds his love of science and the JREF.

    Of course he doesn't mention he's been banned from the JREF forums.

    Looney tunes.

    1. Lol didn't know this, please keep us informed of such activites

  12. Anyone gotten any borsch hole lately?

  13. Thats the funniest thing Ive seen for awhile, if it is real possible juevenile maybe then thats class.

  14. 1) Behavior is inconsistent with a yeti. They're not casual.

    2) Is that an 8 foot fence? It better be, or that's one short little yeti.

    3) It's from Russia. Never, EVER trust anything from Russia.

    4) Or China.

  15. My farts smell like Easter eggs.

  16. Hello again fellow bigfeet peoples
    Ivan Rublemaker here
    sorry i have been gone from here for while we have been in feild doing research and are compiling lot of new evidence for you all to see.

    this video interesting to me for 2 reason

    1-it is in Russia
    2- it is how you say total cowshit I think how you say it

    Clearly this is not Bigfeet or Yeti, it is clear some drunken idiot in suit trying to be funny.

    Men are laffing already at end when they see it.

    This make me angry and I will try to locate these idiot and put stop to them ,it is good thing cold war over or russian KGB would have already found them and dispose of them for being so how you say Dip Shit.

    well must go for now have New year party to go to with Renanya,kliff and DOO DOO

    HEPPY NEW YEAR Comrades

    1. Is writing in pretend Russian as painful as reading pretend Russian?

  17. BigDad is a Big Dick and a massive Taterhole.

  18. Transcript of Yeti Video

    Preface Screen
    line 1 : Snowman
    line 2 : in Mormansk District
    line 3 : town Shongui ( Shaun-gooey ) Year 2011
    line 4 :

    0:16 f*** my d***
    0:18 What the f***
    0:19 Arrrrgh!
    0:21 f**king sock ( Don't ask me, I'm only translating!!)
    0:26 Grunts and screams.
    0:29 What is this f**k!
    0:31 F**ker!

    slurred speach

    0:44 f**k, guys it's terrible visibility
    0:47 but you can hear
    0:49 Yes, Did you see that thing?
    0:50 Scary white f**ker!
    0:52 Did you see the white thing?

    Yours Truly:

    1. Essentially an exercise in being very scared. If it was a hoax, then the guys in the video, were not likely in on it. Can't speak for the Cameraman, he's the one who says the visibility is poor.


  19. Большой волосатый человек является реальной, но не в этом видео!

    1. "White hairy man is real, but not in this video"


    2. I'm not sure what you said but based on what I've seen on the side of T-34's,(over rated in my opinion)you said something!

  20. As much as I'd love for this footage of a white hairy wild man to be real, I honestly suspect a hoax. It walks in so casually, and it looks like a person as it runs away. Its still a really fun video, and I wish that it really was a real hairy hominoid as you do get a good look of it!

  21. It was all bullshit. All of it.

    I telegraphed it for years before. Drew storyboards and everything. They're in my book.

    Bullshit or not, at least I made money off that ole blind bitch.

    Not sitting around a website humping a doorknob waiting for some jackass to pull a crayon out of his ass.

  22. C'mon....these fucking hoaxes are getting out of hand. Like a BF is just casually strolling up a driveway, notices some cold, drunk Russians, stops, walks over to the 6' fence and hoists himself up to peek over...and then runs! Great, more retards...!

  23. I do not understand what they are saying.
    they are saying..............

    Ебать мой хуй.
    (untranslatable expletive)
    Что за хуйня.?
    (what is this (untranslatable expletive))
    Ебаный насос.
    (untranslatable expletive)
    Ты видел?
    (did you see?)
    Что это за еб..?
    (what is this (untranslatable expletive))

    Вон он...
    (There he is ...)
    Где ..Где оно?
    (Where is .. Where is it?)
    Бля парни плохо видно.... вообще
    (Fucking........ guys hard to see .... in general)
    Ты видел это?
    (Did you see that?)
    Ты видел белую хрень?
    (You saw the white (untranslatable expletive)) ?

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