North America Bigfoot Search group gives advice on how to take a Bigfoot specimen

On blog post #115, the North America Bigfoot Search group wrote about the Honobia, OK, Bigfoot shooting incident and gave some advice on how to take a Bigfoot specimen. According to the post, they weren't too happy about with the way the Bigfoot group from Texas handled the event.

First, we're going to explain what happened in July 2011 in Honobia, OK.

During the Honobia Bigfoot Festival on October 1st 2011, Honobia, OK, resident Charles Branson reportedly made a shocking claim. He spoke about a Bigfoot shooting incident on his property that occurred in July 2011 involving the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy group.

According to Charles, Bigfoots had been visiting his property for many years. Several Bigfoot organizations have became interested in researching the area. A group from Texas (Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy) began Operation Endurance and headed out into the woods where they spotted a Bigfoot near a creek bed.

When Colyer rounded a bend in the road and entered a clearing in front of the West Cabin, he witnessed a large, brown, upright, hair-covered figure walking in front of him at a distance of roughly 25-30 yards. Colyer noted it had long hair on its shoulders and the back of its head, which was distinctly conical in shape. He saw it from the left side and slightly to the back; its front was not visible to him at any point. Upon later comparison with a 6'3" tall TBRC member, the creature was estimated to have been both more massive and somewhat taller.

At that time, TBRC held a unique position when it comes to taking a specimen. They believe that a specimen must be taken if they wanted to prove that Bigfoot exists. This position made it a little easier for them to unload their shotgun at a Bigfoot.

Walking to the south, the creature was momentarily obscured by vegetation and was then visible through an eight to ten foot opening in the dense foliage, still approximately 25-30 yards from Colyer’s position. Using his Remington 1100 Tac-4 12 gauge auto-loading shotgun, loaded with 000 buckshot followed by slugs, he attempted to collect the animal for scientific analysis, firing all the rounds in rapid succession. Colyer then approached the spot where the animal had been, reloading as he walked, but found no body. Within a few seconds he heard the faint sound of an automobile engine starting. When Diaz arrived at the location of the encounter, Colyer directed him to investigate the automobile sound. Diaz found a container of iced tea on the ground approximately 50 yards down the path, but he could not determine a source for the engine noise.

NABS believes that Bigfoot is more to human than ape and it would be a felony to shoot or injure one. When they heard about this incident involving TBRC, they were not thrilled by it at all and posted this message on their blog:

Blog #115 Taking a Bigfoot Specimen

The question of whether it’s ethical for a bigfoot organization to participate in a hunt for a specimen has had much media attention in the last several months. The issue got instant visibility when a retired forest ranger from Oklahoma made a presentation at the Honobia Bigfoot Conference. He named the organization (TBRC) and he named the individual that had been staying at a local cabin hunting the biped. The ranger stated that he thought the group was conducting research, not attempting to collect a dead specimen. TBRC went into the woods, apparently observed a bigfoot and fired a massive barrage of bullets in an attempt to bring it down. The shooters apparently did not know the background they were shooting into as two hikers were in the field of fire. The hikers ran back to their car and took a near death ride out of the area thinking they were being tracked and killed. The hikers vehicle was damaged during their subsequent escape. The local sheriff was called and was able to interview the TBRC shooter. The sheriff confirmed the story just as it was written above.

NABS is not in the business of embarrassing individuals involved in the shooting but it is important to understand what can happen in the woods. The retired ranger was irate when he heard what TBRC was doing in his woods. He sent NABS a copy of a check TBRC sent to the hikers for damage to their vehicle and an apology letter from their accountant. Again, we won’t print it because we don’t want to embarrass the people involved but we also think it’s valid to show the public what a groups policy is on this issue.

TBRC was officially on the ranger’s property and Alton Higgins is the chairman and biologist of the group. He had publicly stated in the past that a specimen needs to be taken; I guess public ridicule has started to have an affect, a minor affect. The attached link explains the group’s position ( TBRC is now stating they are taking a neutral position on the collection of a bigfoot specimen.

Any competent hunter lives by a set of moral and ethical rules when they are in the woods. Rule number one, you don’t shoot at anything unless you are absolutely positive what you are about to kill. TBRC wants to kill a biped and then figure out what they shot, hmm. There has never been a shred of physical evidence that there is a wild gorilla or ape living in the wilds of North America, none. It is illegal in many states to hunt any mammal that is not a named game species in season, how could this activity be legally or morally justified?
Nobody can definitively state what species a bigfoot/sasquatch may be.
It is against the law to hunt a species not named in a state-hunting guide.
If bigfoot were human, it would be a felony to shoot or injure it.

NABS respects the opinions of competent researchers and amateur enthusiasts. The woods become a dangerous place when some compromise the safety of others and show no regard for established laws.

Always walk in pairs in the woods.
Opinions can be forwarded to:

You can read the full report about the Honobia, OK Bigfoot shooting incident by clicking here.



  1. This makes me sick to my stomach. They call themselves a "research group?" They are no different than the trigger happy SMEJA!



  2. This version of events by NABS is complete and utter bullshit. Go to the Bigfoot forums and read the Echo Incident thread to see what really happened. If you're going to come out against this because you are no-kill, at least get the story right. Nobody was ever in danger and the hikers were no where near the line of fire. Scumbag liars.

  3. Read the story again!

    "he witnessed a large, brown, upright, hair-covered figure walking in front of him"

    -- unknown creature

    "He saw it from the left side and slightly to the back; its front was not visible to him at any point."

    --shooting with-out ever seeing the face..Coward!
    Lets shoot it in the back!.....Smeja!

    There is nothing in that story to change my mind. Trigger happy!

    Definately not research! Trophy hunting! How can you shoot at something, unloading all rounds, when you don't even know what it is! Careless and wreckless!!! Absolutly no agression was given to the shooter!!!


  4. Shots were fired. Everything in front of the gun barrel is in danger! Unless the hikers were behind the shooter, they were also in danger, not to mention the intended target. Think before you shoot. An excited shot is a bad shot.

  5. I read somewhere that the "hikers" were actually one individual, the nephew of the land owner who gave the TBRC permission to hunt for the creature on his land. The nephew was not supposed to be on the land and was more than likely up to no good. Which version of the story is true, who knows. I still support the need for a specimen to protect the species as a whole though. You guys can get video footage and even DNA samples til the cows come home, but no federal agency will ever recognize sas as a real species without a proper specimen. John

  6. So what if it was his nephew. Even if he had a gillie suit on. There's still no need to act that reckless with a firearm!

    Thank god he has a bad shot! Might have a murder case on our hands.


  7. I sure hope that someone bags one and finally puts an end to all of the idiocy that goes along with bigfoot.

  8. The late Dr. Grover Krantz had some ideas in his book on how to perhaps bag a squatch. Dr. Krantz was correct when he said that the majority of sasquatch sightings occur when they are spotted by car drivers and/or passengers while crossing a road at night. If I remember correctly, one of Krantz's ideas was to modify a car windshield with an opening so that a shotgun could be fired through the opening in the windshield by a front seat passenger. A car would then be driven late at night for hours on end on back country roads where there is known bigfoot activity. If and when a sasquatch crosses the road in front of the car, the passenger blasts it.

    My thinking on this idea is that it would be difficult to get off a shot in the second or two, which is typically how long these types of road crossing sightings last. The shooter would have to be poised and ready for hours on end to shoot at any given moment. This could possibly lead to someone pulling the trigger before they fully realize what they're shooting at.

  9. Yeah, trying to find a sasquatch is probably best done by driving around at night in areas where there been many sighting reports. But, trying to take one out by using a gun shot from a car sounds a bit too dangerous. What if you accidentally hit oncoming traffic or hit the bigfoot in such a way that it is only wounded.

  10. Big truck with a huge customer bumper and grill gaurd. Just sayin if its running in front of cars for fun (kinda like counting coop with early native Americans) then don't hit the brakes hit the gas. Then figure out what your gonna do if its not finished, I'm not gettin out! Wonder what the points would be for a sasquatch, if old people in the cross walk are 20 points hmmmm? LOL "Lord I apologize"

  11. It's good to see these clowns get spanked.I almost didn't read the article when I saw their name in it.
    Stupid,wreckless,thoughtless,dangerous,stupid again.

  12. Last I knew, one can only hunt animals for which you have a legal license, and I know of no state which issues a hunting license for a Sasquatch. One a higher ground, shooting a Sasquatch for any reason other than self defense is MURDER.


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