Utah Bigfoot Footage Update: Questions and Answers, mostly questions

It's been over a week since we first posted the Utah Bigfoot video. It has now spread like a Texas wildfire throughout the blogosphere. We have been able to pick up tidbits of information regarding the video from the videographer and we've also picked up some interesting questions from across the web. We'll do our best to package all of this for you below.

First, let's start with updates from the videographer. Below are email responses from the person who uploaded the footage:

To The Crypto Hunters:
  • "Hi! Thanks for taking the time to break MY video down. Seriously, I really don't have the knowledge to do it myself or I would have.

    Just to prove to people that it is REAL! I know that the 'den' raised some questions. I don't know if it had anything to do with what we saw, but it was there.

    The 'den' had been there for quite some time. But, there were fresh leaves and pine needles that were still green on the floor inside."
To Cryptomundo:
  • I appreciate all of your comments re my video. I haven’t joined any other sites. I’m not in this for any other reason other that to show what we saw. Several TV shows have contacted me. But, I have chosen to keep quiet. Until now.

    I have had a friend reviewing the tapes. He knows more about this stuff than I do. I don’t want to make myself look like an idiot and release some useless video showing some hunter walking through the woods. And, it’s not. It’s been really interesting to follow this story on the web.

    I can’t explain what we saw….. but we saw something. Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll answer as best I can. Just to clear a couple things up, we sat filming for quite some time into the woods before this thing came out. It had been in that general area all day. So, we just had to sit and wait.

    The guy with the ‘hose?’ We were gathering firewood when we found this shelter. What your seeing is one of us gathering wood. The ‘Road’ in the background is actually very remote lake.

    Again, thanks for your comments and please let me know if you have any questions. Best.
To YouTube commenters:
  • Your right. I NEVER post on YouTube.... I used my 8 year old sons account to download..

    I guess in hindsight I should have created my own account, I was just really excited to get it out there. We were all hunkered down in camp, we knew that something was out there. So, we hid in camp and just sat silently for a really long time, waiting. An obvious hunting tactic.

    I can't explain the structure. I do have more video as well. It was REALLY spooky! Very solid. It's on a steep slope.

From reading the updates, it seems the person was really excited about showing the video. He also mentions how 'spooky' everything felt before the sighting and how they were all hunkered down in camp since they 'knew' something was out there. Since he hunts in that remote location, he gives us some pretty good details about his surroundings and how they discovered the shelters.

Updates from the videographer has been slow and it looks like he's going to see more and more questions piling up. The hunter claims he's not an expert on Bigfoot, so he's going to leave the breakdowns to 'real experts' instead.

We're not sure if it's possible for anyone to answer some of these questions, especially if you're not an 'expert' on the subject:

Here are some interesting questions from around the web:

  • You claim that the creature had been around all day and that you merely had to wait for video it. However, if this is the case? And you were prepared for a possible encounter? Why didn’t the shooter find a good angle, use a tripod, and/or at least steady himself against an object or tree to reduce shakiness?
  • I wonder: why does the videographer follow the beast in tracking shots in later cuts? Again, it seems illogical that anyone would move towards a creature of this size in any aggressive manner, particularly if the creature is demonstrating signs of intense curiosity at your presence.

    Imagine: a mountain lion or black bear is pausing to eye you, unmoving. Your instincts — my instincts as a lifelong country boy, that is — would not be to track after such a critter, no matter your “good scientific intent” or state of excitability. Few folks witnessing such an event would fail to feel stark raving terror, is my point; and while this may explain why someone would calmly go after the depicted Bigfoot and follow for additional video (again, Patterson did the same thing for his infamous 16mm footage, it is worth noting), it does seem contrary to the manner in which I’ve seen even the bravest hunters armed with guns react when a wild animal decides to stand its ground and make unyielding eye contact (a sure-fire sign a confrontation is about to occur in the animal kingdom as a generalized rule).
  • The points at 0:25 and 0:38 are separate sections using "two cameras?" Why would someone filming a bigfoot ever stop the camera? They should have two entirely separate, different longer clips if two cameras were used. At 0:25 and 0:38 (second camera?) it looks staged.
  • why the heck could TWO filmers NOT capture better and clearer footage for us to see? If they have better footage, why release THIS one? They've obviously released this footage for everybody to watch. If they've got clearer footage, then why the hell do they tease the bf community with this piece of crap?? Red flags? yes!!

We believe a little bit of skepticism is healthy for debate and this footage is not immune to neither skepticism or hoaxing accusations:

  • I'm from Washington State. This is not a Sasquatch. This is a hunter in Camouflage At one point you can even see some orange under the camouflage from a vest of some sort. I'm a believer but this is misidentification. Sorry guys.
  • Going with fake and here is WHY. Sasquatch take their lives and the lives of their family members very seriously. They are not like humans who have numbers in the billions. Humans are careless with their lives and many people die unnecessarily. A sasquatch, especially an adult, will not be careless with its life. It will hide from everything, even other animals and even at night. That is how they survive.

    Occasionaly, when one feels entirely safe, it will act on its curiosity and allow itself to get close to humans, and if you are very lucky, you might see it. This is fake because a sasquatch would never be that close to a human if it had a baby, they know when humans are around and would leave long before a human got close.
  • Absolutely, 100% hoax. I would put my house on it. If we are to believe that BF is a master of his environment who can sense us before we even catch the merest glimpse of him - how on earth would he allow himself to be filmed like this? You can't have it both ways.

    BF is either a stealthy, careful shy and retiring creature who has senses way beyond ours, or he isn't. And to say it was protecting its young by showing itself doesn't really cut it. If it can sense us in plenty of time, it would have scarpered with its family way before the guy filming arrived. Besides that, it looks like one of the monsters out of Where The Wild Things Are. But I actually do thing BF could exist. Thanks for posting.
  • why the heck could TWO filmers NOT capture better and clearer footage for us to see? If they have better footage, why release THIS one? They've obviously released this footage for everybody to watch. If they've got clearer footage, then why the hell do they tease the bf community with this piece of crap?? Red flags? yes!!
  • Sorry, Fake , Hoax, call it what you want, but its not Bigfoot or sasquatch, unless he got very smart and wears a hunting vest under his guille suit when hes in the woods. Nice try guys, just remember there are some of us out here who have the capability to cut these up and disect them and see the real images.
  • holy crap its Adrian Erickson in a fur coat mushroom picking!!!! awesome footage

And of course, there are many who believe this footage could be the real deal:

  • This is a pretty good video...if it is a hoax it is one of the better ones. It's really hard to see a lot in the video but what you can see looks pretty good. I know there has been reports of sasquatch tracks in Utah.
  • In terms of the ghillie suit theory, I do kind of see that, but two issues: 1) the color does not seem quite right for a ghillie suit (seems too gray) and 2) if it is a suit, it’s a pretty big guy in the suit.
  • The rise and fall is there, the head shape is there...it appears to be female as the males have much wider shoulders compared to the females and don't carry their young with them. Great detail with the back of the head too as ears are visible..

TCH - After doing some more editing/enhancments of the bigfoot Utah video, there appears to be a possible baby bigfoot on the back of the adult. I know this seems unreal but in the first breakdown we saw what looked to be breast on the adult and if you notice there is a different color on the back of the adult. Plus we have some enhanced photos...so it's kind of interesting. As we stated before if this is a hoax it is a very good one.


  1. if you have to put out a list as big as obama-care. you know dam well! you my man, are full of crap. i hope this vid. is legit? but i'm doubting this larry and the loserman's skit!!!

  2. I've never been in the bush and everything went according to plan. Why not better footage? LOL
    A question that has been asked for decades.
    I have very good HD equipment and yet I know when confronted by such a sighting as this I would not be able to keep that damn camera still. Unless I saw it coming a mile away and had time to put it on a tripod. Everything works good on paper!
    If it's a hoax it's a good one.

  3. Zabo,
    seriously.. we get crazy "obama-care" crap all over the web message boards. Lets not spoil this great blog with your political dribble. Be nice or go home.

  4. Hey Zabo, 50% of Americans think the opposite of you. Not to mention that politics have nothing to do with this subject. Keep it on topic.

  5. While I have covered this sighting extensively for my own site, I still have not seen anything proven either way.

    I am grateful to your site as you are often first to bring stories to the public. We cover a lot of different areas including cryptozoology. However, before writing any articles for a particular day, I always come here to see what you guys have regarding Bigfoot.

    Thanks again,

    Scott McMan

  6. Awesome Scott! We're huge fans of Ghosttheory.com here :)

  7. Nice reaction. "Bigfoot Dude." Really? Where's the emotion, the energy, the heavy breathing, etc? Maybe acting classes might have helped.

    "uh, Bigfoot Dude." really?

    Weak sauce! Not to mention a lumbering Bigfoot. Not even close on the movements. Take some Bigfoot walking classes while you are at it.

  8. I'm seeing a person in a heavy coat, possibly camo, with a hood. You can see the face inside the hood looking right at the camera at about :30.

  9. Does anyone else see what sort of looks like an auburn baby clutching the presumed sasquatch's neck? I'm not saying that's what it is, or even that the video is of an actual sasquatch, but it sort of looks like an auburn baby with its arms hanging around the neck of the supposed adult bf. In the Freeman footage, there was a possible baby bf as well, and bf didn't act aggressive then either. Maybe when their young are near they avoid rather than aggress? Or maybe simply some bigfoots just aren't aggressive. Or maybe bf didn't feel threatened. Or was simply curious? How can we assume how a bigfoot should act if we haven't studied their species (assuming they are an actual species)? I think people make way too many assumptions about how they should act.


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