TheCryptoHunters: Breakdown of Utah Bigfoot, says this one has breasts!... possibly

The Crypto Hunters has been on a roll these past few days. They did a breakdown of the Grizzly Gulch Montana Bigfoot video a few days ago, and today they decide to do a breakdown of this latest footage from Utah. The link was first sent to us by a reader yesterday and it's now become a hot topic discussion on the internet. Special thanks to the Crypto Hunters for the breakdown videos! Please pay them a visit on Facebook at when you get a chance.

So what's the verdict? They think it's the real deal!

Their conclusion:
This maybe the real thing!
  • big and bulky
  • long arms
  • sloped/coned head
  • consistent color
  • possible breasts
  • possible hut/nest
If this is a fake, it's one of the better ones.

Uploaded by zombietom69 on Sep 1, 2011:
Uploaded to youtube by LegoCloneBoy321 on Aug 30, 2011
"Last week in the mountains of Utah. Me and 6 friends were target shooting after a long day of fishing. We scared something from the trees. We had two separate cameras running as we were shooting.... None of us slept very well for the next couple of nights. We found some sort or 'hut' about 100 yards from our camp and tried not to disturb anything. None of us are believers or can truly explain what we saw. But, we saw something."

TCH - This is a pretty good video...if it is a hoax it is one of the better ones. It's really hard to see a lot in the video but what you can see looks pretty good.
I know there has been reports of sasquatch tracks in Utah.


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