One Witness Claims Thirty-Five Bigfoot Sightings!

On this episode of the Bigfoot Crossroads podcast, a southern bigfoot witness talks about some of his incredible encounters. The witness claims to have had 35 sightings over a 14-year period.


  1. Coonbo has 74 verified Booger sightings in 37 states and 2 Canadian provinces. Jerry Cline has been attacked twice by BF.

  2. It’s people and podcasts like this that give any credible eyewitness a bad rap. 35 sightings in 14 years? Calling B. S. on this tall tail. So in the future we can just call this person a Bigfoot whisperer. Or maybe the Bigfoot whisperer mistook the Sasquatch for his Wife?

    1. Most Bigfoot sightings can be traced back to days when Iky's mom forgot to shave her pits and snatch before leaving the house.


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