What Are The Chances of Seeing Bigfoot In California?

If you're in California, there's a good chance you might run into a sasquatch. In fact only one state ranks higher.

According to the Travel Channel, of the more than 23,000 sightings of Bigfoot in the country, there were 1,697 sightings in California. Washington is the only state with more Bigfoot sightings than California, with 2,032.

The organization’s website has compiled a county-by-county list of incidents people have had with what could possibly be Bigfoot.

Humboldt County had the most listings, with 42 since the 1950s. The most recent was back in 2007. Tuolumne County had the second most, with 37 reports since the 1960s and most recent coming in 2008.

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  1. 23,000 sightings reported but the real figure is probably in the millions because most people would fear ridicule saying they saw a creature . 23,000 people so what are they seeing ? you can't tell me they are all imagining things or took too much meth like our buddy Pedo Stu. I think if you are in California and you are close to the woods then your chances of seeing one are excellent.
    23,000 people, poor ped stu can't even count that high



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