Texas Bigfoot

Texas is known for Cowboys and BBQ, but it's also known for bigfoot. Sightings happen all over the state, and have been reported throughout history.

No other cryptid or mythological creature, not even the Chupacabra or Mothman, holds so special a place in American folklore as Bigfoot. This hairy, ape-like creature is usually associated with the Pacific Northwest. The most famous alleged images of the Sasquatch, the controversial Patterson-Gimlin film, were allegedly captured in Bluff Creek, California, in the 1960s. True believers maintain that the film is the real deal. Skeptics say it’s an obvious hoax. What isn’t disputed is the fact that the short film made Bigfoot an icon of the American northwest. However, many Texans claim to have spotted Bigfoot right here in the Lone Star State. Are these claims delusions, outright lies, or simply the strange truth?

There’s even a Texas Bigfoot Research Center with a good-sized following on social media. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) also maintains a website chronicling all reported Texas sightings of Bigfoot. By clicking this click, you can view the most recent Lone Star State sightings or scroll down the list of counties. Click this link to view the map of Texas bigfoot sightings. Has Bigfoot been witnessed in your home county?

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  1. Meh, you are perfectly safe camping. Nothing to worry about. Who could be watching?



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