Legend of the Navajo Skinwalker

From the Bigfoot Case Files youtube channel comes a story about the legendary Navajo skinwalkers. Something you certainly don't want to cross paths with.


  1. That's confirmed, proceed

    1. It is not a coincidense that many witnesses will describe their citing of these creatures looking like a gorilla but also looking human. it is probably to due with the harry body and facial features which will account for alot of that. i have always said I think it's a hibrid or something along the evolutsionary line that has both ape and human charicteristics . When they do get DNA and have it tested it will always say not a match to any nown animals which of course is what is to be expected since we don't have verified bigfoot DNA we wont have anything to compare to.
      all a matter of time before sience wakes up and takes it seriously. Right now there is only a handfull of those in science taking it seriously and often to the point of ridiculle of others so it's left to amature researchers who may or may not employ sientific methods .


    2. Joe, you might want to borrow ikdummy’s grammar check app. Ha ha ha!


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