Two Bigfoot Encounters In Arkansas

From the Phantoms and Monsters blog site comes a double dose of bigfoot encounters from Arkansas.

I recently received a telephone call from 'RA' in reference to two Bigfoot encounters.

The incidents took place in Charleston, Arkansas in Franklin County. RA states that last July 2018, she had walked out on to her back porch while drinking a cup of coffee, just before she was ready to leave for work. She was watching two deer and a red fox in the field.

As she stood there, she noticed movement in the tall brush about 70 yards from her. What she witnessed was a 6 1/2 - 7 ft. tall reddish-haired biped step back into the brush. RA said that it blended so well with the brush that she only noticed it when it moved. She was sure that it was a Bigfoot. She was quite alarmed and nervous, to the point where she asked her neighbor to drive her to work.

A few days ago, her boyfriend was asleep (RA was not home) and was woke by a high-pitched and sustained scream emanating from behind the house. He quickly got out of bed and looked outside. He turned on the recorder on his cellphone and recorded several minutes of the screams.

After the screams had stopped he walked downstairs and walked out on to the porch. He soon noticed a tall biped run to the left of the house towards the street in front of the house. He attempted to get video, but it was too dark and the quality was poor.
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