Seminole Swamp Skunk Ape

That's not a bigfoot, that's Tim Fasano, and Tim probably spends more time in the woods than sasquatch does.


  1. Well known hoaxer and cryptid hunter Khat Hanson has started a patreons page. Please join Khat's one on one tutoring on Dogman, bigfoot and Carney folk (which are really fae).
    Duke Sullivan calls Khat "a cornucopia of wealth and knowledge. For only $50 an hour She will guide you through ?[nesters in your backyard! Wes Germer states his impeccable reputation on Khat( Well except for the whole bs about him and brother woodsy fictious sighting where they were able to turn modern astronomy on its ear by seeing a full moon when one was not present for almost an entire month). Regardless of that small white lie which his entire bullcrap show is based on, he is a beacon of virtue.
    Khat is the man! said Germer recently and if Khat had a full body shave I'd pull a Zana on her. Obviously referring to the fact that 4 disgusting Russians raped her.

  2. If Zana were the only vj on the planet I'm quite certain Colorado bigfoot and Micheal Merchant would have a go

  3. Dr. Mathhew Johnson is now a pawn of Satan. His narcisstic personality is easily influenced by flattery and charm. Beware of this man/demon. He is poison. Ask him to pray to Yeshua and watch his face contort with rage.

  4. By allowing 144000 demons onto this realm he has assured his fate. Dr. Johnson has claimed he enjoys swimming in magma.

  5. I like Tim's field work. It took me, well, 3 minutes and 8 seconds to find a clear bigfoot in Mr. Fasano's video:

    The man has some guts. Just imagine seeing that through the viewfinder when you are a few miles from your car.

    Good work Tim.

  6. Fasano is the Jane Goodall of the skunk ape. He's an ambassador for the species.


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