Sasquatch Flanks Montana Trapper

Some of the best bigfoot stories comes from trappers who have encountered these creatures in the wild. Dixie Cryptid shares a good one.


  1. I'm starting BF researcher dead pool for the remainder of the year. Pick 3. Hers mine 1. Brenton Sawin
    2. Wes Germer ( killed by a psychic sasquatch that didn't like his BS encounter story. 3. Jerry Cline. I don't know about his health but Ill gleefully pissvon his grave since I hate him.

  2. 1. Peter Byrne
    2. Bob Gimlin
    3. Igor Burtzev

    Yeah - no one is going to miss Jerry Cline but A-holes like him seem to live forever.

    1. ^ remember ---- real men don`t just kick ass...they fuck it ,Joe?

  3. Those are really good choices


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