Hunter Shares Grandfather's Bigfoot Story

The youtube channel shares some personal bigfoot stories in a straight shooting type of way. Check it out.


  1. My Grandfather attended a bigfoot "orgy" in Seqouia in 1973. His only complaint was that a bigfoot woman's Yahoo was so large that he had strap a 2 by 4 to his area.

  2. I have some very sad news; It seems in recent months "Utah Sasquatch", Nathan Reo has been devolving markedly with his scatter brained posts about nutrition, bigfoot and grey aliens. It is my unfortunate duty to report that Reo hung himself early Thursday night at one of his habitation spots. A garbled note was found but is not being released pending notification of his family. A Sherriffs spokesman had this to say "Reo indicated he wanted to go with the "Sasquatch people".

  3. Let's talk Knobby shall we? An ass kissing sycophant who believes asything that ugly troll spews forth OR is the Knobster in the loop? Knowing that the Germs spew bs second only to Khat? Let's face it Knob, the troll you work Ford's show is based on a hoax sighting.
    There is no argument or misunderstanding Germer is a two bit conman. Use your grey matter Knobby, do a little research and then defend your God. I'm hoping you are in the loop and simply trying to con more listeners and patrons otherwise you are dumber than a stump (Woody). Its all on redditt Knob, ask your boss about his night vision superpowers. Eithier way you are a moron Or a crook. Which is it Knob? You wont answer me on the Sad Chron thread so I'm calling you out! Which is it Knob? Liar or idiot?

  4. Knobby where for art thou baby face?

  5. Knobby are you on team Wes or team Truth, honesty and veracity?


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