How Big is Bigfoot?

Christopher Noel of Impossible Visits on youtube talks about trying to grasp just how large sasquatch really are.


  1. I have some tragic news that will rock the very foundations of the bigfoot community; According to sources Khat Hansen's bigfoot companion Ki'ho'sa committed suicide on Sunday. Reports from the coroner are a key by but it appears the aforementioned cryptid was engaging in "chemsex". Chemsex is a subculture of the gay world in which participants engage in ingesting so called party drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, GHB, Ketamine and "poppers" while wearing leather masks laced with amyl nitrate. Seems Ki'ho'sa was too old to participate. Celebrity L.A news anchor Chris Burrous succumbed to this lethal combination in December shocking the local news community.
    "Bigfoot is a sexual creature and gay party sex is to be expected" Sasquatch expert Dr. Jeff Meldrum said on Monday. Bigfoot has be known to "pull a train" on lone cattle", Meldrum contends. The average size of a bigfoot's Wilson is 34" soft.

  2. A bigfoot blog - the perfect place to be on this day.

  3. Beloved dogman personality; Marvin from DME got up and personal with a dogman's Twinkie. "It were odd claimed" Marvin. Sparks were shooting from the business end". Dogman authority Vic Cundiff and Linda Godfrey have claimed to have heard similar reports. Godrey explains one bizarre incident where a dogman appeared to be "Shooting red Roman candles at a terrified postal worker", after he resorted to mace the creature.

  4. As big as man's imagination can make him.


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