Bigfoot In Montana

That's right. You may not hear a lot about bigfoot in Montana, but they get their fair share of sightings. It's no surprise, with their vast amounts of wilderness.

DECKER — "Go ahead, call me a crackpot. All my friends have."

Even as this driver submitted his story to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, he worried about sounding crazy.

In October 2006, "J.G." was driving a shuttle van for railroaders. He'd seen something that just wasn't right there a few months earlier.

Driving alone on the long and lonely Decker Highway just this side of the Wyoming-Montana border near midnight, the witness dropped down over the Decker Hill and saw something alongside the road. He figured it was a hitchhiker until it crossed the road in front of him.

He slammed on the brakes. The creature was at least 8 feet tall and had 8- to 10-inch-long hair, "almost like it was groomed."

The next day, he returned to measure bushes, fences and such to get a better handle on the creature's size. He couldn't find any hair or tracks.

"Nothing," he wrote.

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