Bigfoot Encounter In Indiana

From the Phantoms and Monsters blog site: 
Apparent Bigfoot Episode on the Tippecanoe River in Indiana

I apologize for taking your time, but this story is as real as it gets, and it happened to my grandfather and I in the 90’s.

My grandfather lived in Rochester, Indiana, alongside the Tippecanoe River. Across the river was a wildlife preserve that also used to be a camp. Well the camp had been run down and the building was dilapidated, but very eerie. It sits at the corner of the river where it bends at a sandbar.

My grandfather and I were hanging out limb lines for catfish. We hung them every night and grabbed them in the morning to see if caught anything. Well 3 nights in a row our lines were ripped down and laid on the bank. These lines were very strong, and would take a lot of power to snap them. They are the same ones used to catch gators. They were ripped off, or the whole limb ripped off and put on the bank.

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