Bigfoot Described as 'Boogeyman'

From the Bigfoot Case Files on youtube comes an encounter story out of Ontario where a sasquatch was seen outside a window.


  1. Brian Sullivan was asked to leave the neighbourhood where he currently resides since several children and three adults were hospitalized after seeing his face. Montana Fish and Game has recommended that Mr. Sullivan remain indoors and cover his face with a paper bag when app earing in public. "The poor man is bound to get shot if someone were to come across him at night.

  2. Some would call it a mercy killing but you didn't hear it from me.

  3. Wes Germer and brother Woody will be undergoing vision tests at MIT after it was revealed they can see in the pitch dark. The brothers allegedly saw 3 bigfootvcreatures on a moonless, strapless night, accompanied by thick fog. Germer is quoted as saying "Woody and me eat a lot of carrots and we also insert them rectally". Most researcher s claim their full of Crap but "Knobby" defends the apparent hoarders by pointing out " They only make 22 dollars a month, including patreons. Of course Occams razor dictates they are lying colostomy bags.

  4. Hoaxers: Wes Germer, Woody.
    Khat Hansen
    Brian Sullivan
    Tim Baker
    Bob Garret
    Linda Newton Perry
    Matthew Johnson
    Jerry Cline

  5. Bigfooters with integrity;
    Will Jevning
    Shannon Legro
    Bigfoot in Germany
    Kirk Stokes
    Dee Doss
    Bear and Matt
    Donna Fink
    Vic Cundiff
    Dr. Squatch
    Barb and Gabby
    Linda Godfrey
    Katy Zahn
    Joedy Cook
    Scott Carpenter
    Led Stroud
    Brenda Harris
    JD Johnson

  6. Is it true that Led Stroud will host Sad Chron while Wes is serving his 20 months on income tax evasion?

  7. This is the same clown above, that only 24 hours ago, was lecturing people about how they should invest their time looking into “real animals”. Now he’s listing off the “researchers with integrity”, having clearly spent every day of his life obsessing about the subject.

    This blog has become his personal anonymous FaceBook. He’s the classic FaceBook philosopher who believes there’s always someone out there who might actually give a feck about what he thinks.

    1. Nargh... I won’t run out on you like all the rest.

    2. ^ like the dribble that runs from ur asshole u cocksuckah

    3. I'm ashamed. I'm ashamed to actually be responding to this delusional commenter know as "lktomi". I used to come here on a regular basis just to laugh at all the comments and place a few on my own. Since the beginning of the year I have reduced it to about once, sometimes twice a week since it's no longer that amusing to me. In a moment of weakness and to kill a little time while waiting I checked in here. I confess I did write the post to PIB about "real animals" but certainly not the post about "researchers with integrity" since I considered NONE of them with integrity if they continue to present Bigfoot as a real creature. This lktomi always concludes all negative comments are from the same person which I KNOW to be clearly wrong since I did not make them. For the record this is the first post I have made today and only to clarify this. I have no wish to continue a back and forth dialogue with this "lktomi" since it accomplishes nothing and he/she/it is clearly unhinged. I may in the future possibly offer a comment here and there but it won't be in direct conversation with anyone going by "lktomi". Everyone can make their own judgement as to this commenter's character but since there seems to be so few left reading this blog I guess it really doesn't matter.

      My final word to "lktomi" - you have no proof, you will never have proof and regardless what you put forth, unless it is accepted formally by the scientific community it is meaningless. Oh yes, "Sykes is coming" - just another lie continually perpetuated. How can you possibly explain all these stories and sightings presented here every DAY and not one shred of biological evidence to support them? I'm so confident I would bet $10,000 dollars Bigfoot will not be proven real if I could find someone to formally take the bet. Hell, I would willingly kiss lktomi's ass if it was proven real THAT's how confident I am.

      I'll let the few remaining readers here be the judge of what I have said.

    4. 9:45, you’re actually someone named Daniel Campbell who used to post here five years ago and on whom ikdummy had a deep love crush — so much so that he madly obsesses about him to this day!

      Ha ha ha!

    5. MMG Sr.Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 1:02:00 PM PST
      12:56, you're so full of sh*t.

      MMG Sr.Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 12:03:00 PM PST
      I willingly said DC (Daniel Campbell) is just another fake account (PJ just can't seem to handle that one), and I had 1 fake joe account.

    6. Nargh PS!!! There is one troll, there has only been one troll, and there will only ever be one troll. And that’s you PS. Been proven by more people than me remember, and I’d publish the links that prove it AGAIN if I didn’t know you get off on it.

      And actually PS... I do have proof. I can reference proof that giant footprint evidence that yields archaic morphological data is genuine, and impossible to hoax. Literally impossible to hoax. I can reference congruent hair samples all linked to sightings, activity and footprints, recovered and studied by all the credentials that would be good enough for any other mammal under any scientific scrutiny. Sykes came & pi**ed on your parade after Bigfoot Files (LOL) and declared that the Yeti reports from an entire community were genuine, and even theorised that the Yeti in question might be a subspecies of human.

      Sorry, those facts are not compatible with your Skinwalker-Paranormal-Squatch theory you like to use when you feel like it, but facts are facts.

      And just to let you know, PS, “peer review is the evaluation of work by one or more people with similar competences as the producers of the work (peers). It functions as a form of self-regulation by qualified members of a profession within the relevant field. Peer review methods are used to maintain quality standards, improve performance, and provide credibility. In academia, scholarly peer review is often used to determine an academic paper's suitability for publication.“

      That’s the scientific standard you rhetorically pleaded for, for YEARS... and peer reviewed evidence is where we’re at. Now go back to making your creepy hit & cheerleader lists on researchers you stalk & obsess about, and admiring/answering your own comment with your hand down your shorts.

      You’re the biggest Bigfoot fan/failure around.

    7. Well you went and proved that guy right about you AND Moneymaker confirms Matilda

    8. What’s that supposed to mean? Are you even sure?

    9. Pedo stu is a classic narcisist displaying all the signs of someone who tries to make a blog all about themselves. Listing Dr Squatch as a credible researcher is fodder for april fools . another april fools joke he played on us was getting us to think he had a romantic life, bwahahaha


    10. 'Gug' Duh, I love bollocks, 'gug'

    11. I'm not saying it was a bigfoot but it was a bigfoot
      Moneymaker, he said it. Owner of this site verified Matilda

    12. Aaaaaaaaaaargh right, so your latest delusion is that Matt Moneymaker is running this blog.


      So where do I come in here? You said I claimed Matilda was real?

    13. No stupid, I said Matt Moneymaker claimed Matilda was real and he owns this blog NOT runs it, you are delusional however in that you distort everything

    14. Argh right.


      So him owning this blog is somehow LESS of a delusion than him running it? You’re about a week away from claiming everyone is trying to psy-ops attack you again from a US airbase.

    15. He owns it stupid, who cares what you believe? You made it worthless but again not my problem

    16. Aaaaaaaaargh, ok... so what are you basing this claim that MM has any affiliation with this place? Do you have MM posters on the wall in your bedroom?

    17. You haven’t been doing very well for a while now. You try to appear strong by pretending to others that nothing is wrong, but I sense your inner struggle. Deep inside, you are unhappy. You do not want to give into it, because you feel like there will be no way back if you do.But do not despair. I am sending you this message for a reason. At this moment in time, we are in the required astral position in the physical as well as the spiritual world that will allow you, with my help, to leave behind your blockages. As soon as you overcome these negative energies good fortune will be yours. Do not hesitate, but rather start lifting your blockages today. Because they prevent you from acquiring sufficient financial resources. You are a wise person. I'm convinced that you will make the right decision.

    18. Ok, I’ll ask again... so what are you basing this claim that MM has any affiliation with this place?


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