Monday, July 9, 2018

The Greenbrier Bigfoot Photo

This bigfoot photo known as the Greenbrier Bigfoot has been out for a decade, but somehow makes its way back into the spotlight at least once or twice a year. Parabreakdown breaks it down for us.


  1. Tough to tell , it could be a real life bigfoot . not close enough to determine but one thing i know for sure is that it's not a bloke in a suit !
    carry one and cheers


    1. Joe, if you’d bothered to watch the video, you would know that that the photo was obviously doctored in a pathetic attempt at hoaxing.

    2. You are right Joe - but it is a TREE

  2. DS has much better pics of logs. He also has 25000+ pics of trees, stumps and rocks. Why does he persist in such a long standing joke that's so lame. Please tell me wtf is he up to?

  3. Hello Youngsters,
    Your Daddy or Mommy probably have probably mentioned that name. It is because he is called what people call a "cryptozoologist" which means searching for hidden or magical animals. Like the Loch Ness Monster, the chupacabra, and the legendary Skunk ape in Florida. Tim is the world's leading expert in these creatures so please ask them to look up my his name on you tube and support the "Indiana Jones" or the "Jedi Knight" of Skunk ape or Bigfoot!

  4. Doesn't look like anything like Patty. If Patty is a real squatch, then this is BS.