Thursday, June 7, 2018

Patterson Film Analysis

Bill Munns takes a look at a first gen copy of the Patterson film and does his own analysis on it. Check out the amazing details.


  1. Analysis ?

    IkkyJo is pretty anal so better offer it his way.

  2. 50 years after the Patterson film and still no proof of thousands of giant 6-10 feet tall 800 lb bipedal primates walking around North America.

    I have been waiting for proof since the 1970s. It ain't gonna happen.

    Bigfoot is folklore. Bigfoot is a multi-million dollar money making industry. As long as money can be made, bigfoot will continue to "exist."

    1. Stop telling the truth. Some people around here will get very mad. They might even try and cut n paste you. Look out!

    2. So can you please tell me who has made a million dollars in the bigfoot community ?????
      You wankers are totally clueless and are just pulling shite out of your arse which in your case really is super apt considering you are both so full of it !
      Toss off !
      but cheers anyways


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