Terrifying Night At Land Between The Lakes

Land Between the Lakes is an area of land along the Tennessee and Kentucky border, that has become famous for its stories about encounters with terrifying creatures. Bigfoot, dogmen, and even ghosts are commonly encountered in the area.


  1. Dogman exists but bigfoot is ridiculous. Bigfoot doesn't exist! People need to stop lying about it. It might be funny to them but it ruins lives. Just look at what its done to sticky ikky.

    1. How would peoples bleef in Bigfoot ruin a normal mentally stable persons life ?

      BoOM !!!

    2. ^ take a moment to consider the moron sIktomiJo

    3. A night in the hole between Joe`s buttcheeks was most enjoyable...for both him and me...all that squirt gave him utmost pleasures.

  2. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/bigfoot-been-spotted-ten-miles-1549668?_ga=2.56738218.1409617475.1526406188-97936040.1520279775



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