Saturday, May 5, 2018

Something Caught on Video Inside Possible Bigfoot Nest

A group found a giant nest structure in the mogollon monster area. Using a small video camera they started shooting inside the opening, and soon realized something was at home.

Click here to watch


  1. Watch the video. They failed to get proof despite their assumption that it was one or two baby Bigfoot inside that grass nest. It's my guess that they made this video knowing full well it wasn't baby Bigfoot in there but some small animal or they are the biggest idiots on the face of the planet for not pursuing this. One would probably be correct on both accounts.

  2. Good point, also if you watch the second video carefully You will see what appears to be cut branches that have been placed on top of the pile. Forest workers often will pile up pine needles and then throw more derbis on top for controlled burns.

  3. I am always catching "things" (usually girthy and hard) inside my "nest",