Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Whinlatter Forest Secrets

From the Forest of Fear:

Come With Me, As We Step In To The Deep...Dark Forest Of Fear... And Let's Hope..We See Sunrise In The Morning! In this chapter, Dan desperately tries to escape the Pack of Dogmen Chasing His Truck Through The Forest!! When Two Dogmen Finally Catch Up To Him, It's Not Just Him That's In Trouble, As they Meet Their Match!!


  1. Replies
    1. Hurray! Dogman role play is fun, too. I hope the adventurers turn out to be safe!

    2. Stuey, you’ve either been role-playing a pseudosceptic for YEARS to draw others into negativity, just to self-medicate your depression and emotional issues... Or you’ve been role-playing a woo-fan for JUST AS LONG to impress people into thinking you’re “cool”, which is so desperately sad and says so much about you. Either way, you’re the only role-player here.

    3. Who is negative? MMC for booing a dogman story or me for cheering one? Or is it you, the freedom-from-opinion police woman?

    4. Which role is it?

      • The conspiracy theorist who believes in culture-jumping, globe-hopping, thousands years’ old hoaxing plots to take your money.

      • The woo-enthusiast who believes Bigfoot are Skinwalker Ranch/Tree People beings (amongst some other pretty far out ideas I can cut and paste from you in the drop of a hat).

    5. You're negative. The dogman role players and the bigfoot role players will enjoy this blog despite your negativity. I hope you feel better....someday.

    6. Wuss.

      I’ll keep asking... don’t worry about that.

    7. What I don’t get is any illustration of a dog man has a k9’s back legs. That means they walk on all fours. It is obviously a mis identified Bigfoot


    8. How did my comment get deleted? What am I, one of the blog owners?


    9. That’s what happens when you make sicko rape jokes.


    Sounds real too me