Sunday, April 8, 2018

Part of a Bigfoot Caught on Camera?

From bigfoot researcher Blayne Tyler

A follow up to Sasquatch Block Trail & Wait vid after finding some clearer stills pulled from the 480 footage. Also additional info about that encounter on a quad trail in N/E Ontario a few winters ago.


  1. More nonexistent sasquatches. When will you actually video or photo an actual creature instead of just bushes and branches you try to convince folks that they are sasquatches? The fact that you seem to actually believe these are real creatures in your videos is troubling. You post up a patreon acct in an attempt to scam money out of well meaning people you've duped into believing your pareidolia. Disappointing.

  2. What a ridiculous post. Clearly there is an arm and a hand there. Not.

  3. With no before and after pics, then it is just a useless photo of a shadow, of which the forest has an infinite number of them. If you can't afford gas money, then you better not quit your day job.