Wednesday, March 21, 2018

They Ran For Their Lives

Whatever these guys ran into, they weren't sticking around to find out what it was. Some strange vocalizations sent these two running for their lives.


  1. I`m always running hither and thither...all over the place...just like my mind.


  2. This story was thoroughly debunked by the scientific community.

    It was a case of misidentification as it was shown to have been a bear.

    1. At 5:00 ...

    2. Do you spend most of your time watching flagged YouTube videos?

    3. ^ IktomiJo flagged the video because he feels it a slur on his manhood...small as that may be.

    4. 12;01 rather than the debunked and hoaxed videos you watch eh Joe ?

    5. ^ Pervert ?

      Are you really that Victorian ?

      You humourless pathetic excuse of a boy (let alone man)...I expect you toss and turn each night away worrying yourself silly somebody may have made a post you haven`t seen and desperately patrol the blog for perceived slurs and along now, "Sheriff".

      hahah hahah hahahhahaha

    6. I have watched the link and the video at the point asked by the poster [5;00] it is extremely funny indeed and sums up the whole bigfoot affair thoroughly...the video certainly is not "flagged" or in any way off key so I think the poster above is correct as you`d need to be pretty humourless to regard that as anything other than funny.

    7. That read like a bit of a meltdown there Stuey. And I “patrol” for gold dust like this...

      AnonymousThursday, March 22, 2018 at 10:48:00 AM PDT
      And whenever you wonder again why people like me fight people like you regarding a subject such as bigfoot that we think is ridiculous, then just remember what kind of real harm that fringe pseudoscience can inflict upon the world.

      ... if I’m the “sheriff”, you can be the “crime fighter for science and humanity”... LOL.