Thursday, March 8, 2018

Breakdown Video California Giant Caught on Camera

Bigfoot Tony of youtube takes a look at the video released by Claudia Ackley of a California bigfoot. Ackley is using the video as the main piece of evidence in a lawsuit against the state of California.


  1. Don't be afraid stwey, come out and play or I will go away :(

  2. LOL. There is no bigfoot there.

    1. Keep praying. Maybe one day you’ll wake up and it’s aaaaaaaaaaaaall gone away.

  3. Looks like the backside of a bear or some large stuffed animal. Such a poor qualiity image you cant tell what it is. Worthless in my opinion.

  4. Dr Squatch is the number one Bigfoot and Cryptid Researcher (!). Everyone else is wrong and he is the only one with evidence, No, he is not a magnificent troll and is also 100% honest, but that goes with out saying, as he is a Christian.