Thursday, January 4, 2018

Throwback Bigfoot Presentation - Jim Hewkin

From youtuber William Babcock:

This is the presentation from Jim Hewkin speaking on Bigfoot at Portland Comunity College in early 90's


  1. 25 years after this presentation and 50 years since the Patterson film, and still no proof.

    I've been into bigfoot since 1977, and I am ready to give up and put bigfoot in the realm of myth/folklore.

    1. Never mind that mate, come on over to my flat and I’ll “throw back” my arse for you !


    2. DEAR JOE, I ATTEMPTED THAT SAME STRATEGY WITH "MMC" however, It's obvious that mmc is scared of my BIG GAPING BUTTHOLE,, "WHAT'S MATTER MMC"?, can't GET IT UP FOR A REAL WOMAN WITH A BIG ASSHOLE?? well now every body knows that MMC IS a HOMO!
      Ha Ha Ha Ha ikt--oops.

    3. Footage, audio, thermal, hair samples, track impressions with forensic data... To anyone who can apply that the thousands of years of anecdotes... "Bigfoot" is confirmed to exist. The proof is there. And even if that isn't good enough for the chronic denialists... What's confirmed is there is a creature with the widely reported anatomy of "Bigfoot" leaving its impressions on the wilderness of the US & Canada. The same biped is now being shown to leave the exact same archaic foot morphology in other continents.

      Stuey may have obsessed about this subject since 1977 (that part was real about his sockpuppet comment up top)... but he’s just not smart enough to understand the evidence, and too lazy to learn what the scientific methods & concepts linked to each piece of evidence mean, that substantiate their authenticity. To someone with as many complex emotional issues as Stuey, this is of course “everyone else’s fault”. The root of Stuey's meltdown is the PGF. If you go back to early 2012, he started trolling this blog with insults & by repeatedly bringing up the PGF even when the immediate articles had nothing to do with it. He's of the JREF special pleading that the Bigfoot legend began with the PGF, which is a lie, and that there is no other evidence to substantiate this legend, which is another lie. He thinks that if he uses all the most readily accessible misinformation about the PGF, he debunks the subject and can rest being assured that he's done something with his existence. Until people like me came along and took away his cyber playground.

      That’s BFE’s Stuey.

    4. Hey Iktomi! You should see your doctor soon. There are medicines that can help you.

    5. Only one of us has a genuine diagnosis, Stuey.