Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Shifting Paradigm in Modern Bigfoot Research

Here is an excellent lecture by bigfoot researcher Todd Neiss. Todd gave this presentation at the 2017 Creature Weekend conference.


  1. hey Joe ,can you shift your small dick up into my "paradigm" soon ?

    I`ll even let you collect a dna sample from the eye of my helmet...and you can collect it with your lips.

  2. Todd consistently fails to disclose that his sighting in the quarry, WAS FROM OVER 700 YARDS AWAY. Making Todd the possessor of super human vision or the possessor of an enhanced imagination for the detail he claims that he saw.

  3. This is known as the Bait and Switch. Todd does not introduce any new paradigm here. He just attempts to show some tools that other people don't use, and then beat his own drum in the failed floating Bigfoot research boat trip that he organized. They did not get squat. He implies that boat trips are the new paradigm, which they are not. Todd is still milking that (700 yard sighting) cow for all it's worth, in order to propel him to greatness in the research community. However, Todd is one of the few old timers in Bigfoot research, that operates in a reality completely different from the reality that the Bigfoot operate in. After all this time, this clown still believes that the Bigfoot are 24/7 F&B. Virtually every other researcher who has as much time as he does, except any surviving 4 horseman, have long ago concluded that the Bigfoot are paranormal. Consequently, there are other more successful methods that are used to contact and communicate with the Sasquatch, in hopes of them teaching us something useful like, how to elect a good President instead of some semi-illiterate, bullshit artist who craps his pants on the golf course.