Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Report of an UK Werewolf!

All the way from the UK:

Sometimes in out lives we come across people who have had similar life experiences to yourself, almost parallel lives in a way, when I talk with this witness I can really identify with how it feels to be able to see and hear things others say are impossible, because regardless of anybodies view, it doesn't make a blind bit of difference to the experiencer whether you believe them or not. All you have are the things that happen unasked for throughout your life. As I was chatting with Christian I asked if he had ever experienced anything other than the creature he saw with his dog Patch. I asked because you tend to find with some witnesses the sighting is not the only thing that has happened to them if you dig a little and listen a lot. Most people have a story to tell, you just have to sit with them and listen and the story dovetails into more.....

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  1. Werewolves are too silly for UK bigfooters. It is much more believable that there are 10 foot tall hairy 800 pound apemen that can never be clearly photographed even though everyone now carries a camera with them everywhere.