Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Belle Valley Bigfoot Video Breakdown

Bigfoot Tony takes a look at an interesting video that might actually be a bigfoot creature. Check out how fast the thing moves.


  1. It moves as fast as poop through a goose, 8 years and no proof of Bigfoot:(

    1. Anyway Stuey... glad I could bait you into engaging on the subject matter again. It doesn’t take much, you can’t help yourself. Doesn’t matter how much you want to keep mere insults going to aggravate, you’ll always slip into attempting the subject because it’s the root of your life’s emotional meltdown. I’ll be back in the morning... Not that there’s likely to be anything left here to pose a challenge, but just because I’m happy to contribute to your anger issues and watch you run around trying to take ownership of the mockery aimed at you.

      : )

      Oh, and whatever is in that footage, is bloody fast.