Thursday, December 7, 2017

Florida Bigfoot Shed

From Tim Fasano

Florida BFRO confirmed a Bigfoot sighting in this area. Were not so sure. Our research shows this to be a very active area with what appear to be "Sasquatch Trails" but we cannot say anything yet is Bigfoot in nature. Something always happens when we go in but it keeps its distance. Frustrating. The search is on.


  1. It is well known that bigfoot will build sheds to live in. They sneak in to home depot stores at night. Steal lumber, nails, screws and tools. Then build these shelters in remote areas under the cover of darkness. Great job proving what I already knew Tim Fasano!!!

    1. Hey there mate, would you fancy paying a visit to my “shed” ?


  2. Fasano is the Diane Fossey of the skunk ape. He's an ambassador for the species.