Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Sasquatch in British Columbia

From Sasquatch Central:

Leo Seltzer had grown up in Langley BC, one day he found some strange foot prints in the mud, from that point on he dedicated himself to learning all he could about the Sasquatch. Later in life Leo moved to Prince George and continued his pursuit of the elusive creature, resulting in several sightings and close encounters.


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  2. British columbia is teeming with bigfoots. and why wouldn't a province that has British in it's name not be the best place to find the creatures ? I really hope one day they find a body just to shut up all the flappy mouth skeptics especially all the pillocks who come on here to troll. I sure would love to see them eat crow !


  3. I can fit a lot of long thick "crows" in my flappy mouth, flap,flap,flap...delicious