Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Bigfoot Watches Investigator Caught Red Handed

From Canadian bigfoot hunter Blayne Tyler:

I investigate a rock pile I notice previously on a hike. When done filming it I turned and snapped a picture of a hunters deer blind behind me across the field. Later I notice I also captured a large dark haired Sasquatch about 20 meters right of deer blind watching me. It appears to be about 7'6" tall! I used my height as scale on same treeline.


  1. It has now been proven that Bigfoot doesn't exist...this just in: Patterson footage found to be obvious fake, was actually Bob Hermonius in a gorilla suit....Bob Gimlin has taken off to Canada and is staying on Todd Standing's farm, has no comment at this time...two contributors to Bigfoot evidence blog found to be same person and not resident of Wales....Just in, amazing footage of bearman with birdman on head taken by a Dr Squatch found to be real living bearman and birdman...Zaskey Florida photos found to be of homeless blacks and Mexicans just as they were always suspected of being....again top story, no Bigfoot, Steve S. Of Willow Creek acknowledged same but needed the book sales...Kelly Shaw raped by giant hairy savages, homeless blacks and Mexicans....please keep posted for further update

    1. ^ Where does fat Tim fit in to this ? ...gotta say this is a real hot scoop and could well turn out to be the story of the century and of utmost importance to the human race ...t`will prove humanity has a penchant for insane fantasies that provoke wild jealousies and deliriums in otherwise pretty normal menfolk...JoeTomi,MMC,that freaky pretend "indian" bird of thIktomi`s imagination...and DS aside.

      Great find by the way.