Saturday, October 21, 2017

Texas Bigfoot Photo

This photo started a lot of controversy when it was first presented to the public. Some instantly said it was just a trick of shadows and light, others thought it was a person in a ghillie suit, while others thought it was the optical illusion of a rootball from a fallen tree. Regardless, the photo was presented as an authentic bigfoot, and has never been proven otherwise.


  1. Replies
    1. Also I think that Texas bigfoot up there is possibly the real deal.

    2. Hello Ladies!!!!! So nice to see you both in the same post. Seems like old times again. Hope you both are well!

      Looks very interesting, Chick. I won't click on an NVTV post so I guess I'll never know.

      Super women friends rule!

    3. Doing great here Uno! Shout out to PIB up there, hope you are both well. It is nice to see you both here :)

      I remember that video came out a few years back. I think I remember the researcher that filmed it said the creature has a couple small dead hogs with it. I wish I could remember who it belongs to. I highly doubt NVTV will give credit. Nighty night Im staying up wayyy to late... again!!

    4. ^ My girlfriend likes to take her colleagues pens ,pencils and phones etc and run them around her fishy stench minge..often several pubes and bits of white smegma are left around the items and she replaces them back on the workers desks...we laugh about it big time...hahahah hahahaha

  2. Lupe Mendoza's "bigfoot" photo is laughable. As is typical, it's blurry BS. And as usual, there is no back story.

  3. Figures Matt would promote this. More recycled stolen material.