Saturday, September 16, 2017

Trail Camera Pictures From Watering Hole In Florida Swamps

You never know what you're going to get on camera. These videos are from a watering hole in Florida. Will the elusive skunk ape make an appearance?


  1. I just love men getting down around my "watering hole" if n` y`all knows what I mean.


    1. I'm jealous,men don't come around my watering Hole,
      They say it STINKS!!

    2. Stench or no Stench, I'd feed at her Trough,, Thats what clothespins are for!


  2. Unexpected Camera Captures

    Seasoned hunters know this already, you never really know what your trail camera will be picking up and recording. You may be experiencing and capturing some typical hopefuls, like deer, and fox, which will definitely be confirmation that this is a good location to set up your hunt later in the season, or you can also capture some odd images, such as other wild animals, which includes, potentially mythical creatures, like the Big Foot. While not confirmed well, these images coming from cameras tend to bring out images that are not typical, or something that one can expect to see when they leave their trail cameras. Having a good record of images collected, also helps one learn more about an area over time, and what kind of real natural wild life are found there.