Wednesday, September 6, 2017

It's Not Easy Doing A Bigfoot Podcast

Bono of Mojo Encounters put together these candid clips of what all can go wrong during a bigfoot podcast. Enjoy.


  1. The princess or whatever her name is, mark my words, she's gonna be Negans love interest.
    Negan is practically a protagonist now, I hold him right below Rick and Carl story wise, not favorite wise though of course. But he's become such a big role that it's almost expected of his arc. And she's the first real outsider who really doesn't know Negan or what he's done in the past.
    Either that or she's going to end up as a villain early and get killed. I kinda hope not though, Negan needs to find his "Andrea" if you get my meaning.
    But for a bottle episode on mainly sub characters, it wasn't too bad.

    1. I thought that All My Children got cancelled?

  2. Anybody want to play with my "mojo" ?