Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bigfoot Coyote Hunt Caught On Video

Another one from Woodbooger Farm, where the bigfoot activity seems to be a daily occurrence.

This is the first time since last Nov. that I have heard this. A few times I have heard a loud howl followed by coyotes with a few different calls mixed in. At the end of some of these a coyote gets got. This one I cant tell for sure because it was outside of my holler. What I do know is I heard a knock when I got home and a return knock from above the barn..little did I know this was just the start of a long night.


  1. DUMCLUCK × 2 = you guessed it,,,, Iktomi and MMC--fact!!

    1. Ridiculous. How can you hunt coyote without sourcing coyote plaster? It would cost $5 million dollars to organize a coyote expedition. Will never happen.

    2. Extra,Extra,Read all about it!
      """""SYKES IS COMMING"""""!!