Friday, September 15, 2017

Big Sky Bigfoot Conference

Get ready for the Big Sky Bigfoot Conference in Hamilton, Montana!

Bitterroot River Inn & Conference Center
139 Bitterroot Plaza Dr.
Hamilton, Montana
Join us for Montana's only and 3rd Annual Bigfoot Conference.
Speakers, exhibits, vendors, kids' activities, door prizes and more!
Guest of Honor Bob Gimlin

We are excited and honored that Mr. Bob Gimlin will once again be Guest of Honor at Big Sky Bigfoot.
Fifty years ago Oct. 20th, Gimlin witnessed history as "Patty" walked into the forest alongside Bluff Creek, in California. The resulting film taken by Gimlin's research partner, Roger Patterson, has been the object of intense study and debate ever since. Come celebrate the 50th anniversary of this groundbreaking footage with us! You do NOT want to miss your chance to meet this one-of-a-kind gentleman.
Thank you, Bob!

For more info on speakers and tickets, click here.


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