Friday, August 4, 2017

Something Big Crashes Through The Woods

During a camera recovery mission, Robert and Eudell run across something big crashing around in the woods nearby. Check out the video for what they caught.


  1. Oooh there`s something "big" that has found its way into my hands and its been getting harder all the time...a little taste will determine whether the man owner has has bothered to shower recently .. and I do so like a savory flavour.


  2. Ok, I'm going to propose this again: there should be a federal law requiring all Bigfoot video claims be followed IMMEDIATELY with the meat of the clip, preferably with a red ring drawn around the creature, or in this case cut to your best moments then follow up with the full vid. Life is too short to watch FPV shots of some dumb a** flloging thru the woods mumbling nonsense for 10 minutes. This stuff presented here is mind numbingly inane. Cut to it folks and let us get on with our lives. I'm interested in Bigfoot but am not interested in some attention whore stumbling around the woods for 10 minutes. Come on good ole boys, divert some of that beer and NASCAR ticket money to the purchase of editing software!