Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Wisconsin Police Officer Spots Bigfoot

A rancher calls the police after losing several calves off his property. They had no idea what they would discover was taking the cattle.


  1. National Public Radio tweeted out the Declaration of Independence on Tuesday to mark the holiday, but not everyone got what they were doing.

    Some supporters of Donald Trump didn’t recognize one of the nation’s founding documents and accused the broadcaster of inciting violence and even revolution.

    Many of those comments have since been deleted and at least one user deleted an entire Twitter account.

    But the tweets live on, some still posted online while others have been preserved in screen captures.

    Here are some of those tweets and the reactions to them:

    1. Not the venue dude.

      This is a bigfoot site. Not a liberal, crybaby loser site.

  2. I live in southeastern Wisconsin. This story is BS. The area is too urban for a bigfoot to live here undetected.

  3. airial video seems to show there's plenty of woods and farmland.