Thursday, July 20, 2017

We got a skunk ape George!

Tim Fasano calls his buddy George after being rocked by a sighting of what he thinks was a skunk ape ripping through the Florida swamps like King Kong! The best part is that he was shooting video at the time.


  1. When in doubt, scream and shout. I GOT IT, I GOT IT!

  2. Anal anal anal anal anus anus Fasano anal fat anus anus Meldrum anal anal schooled anal

  3. "I can hear the brush poppin' and stuff...Oh! there he goes!"

  4. Tim "By George, I got it!!!"
    George "what did you get????"
    Tim "I got the skunk ape but I'm not so sure i have it on video"
    George "Oh, I thought you were excited because you got a better camera. Ok, please call me back when you actually do get something . I'm kinda busy right now in the middle of watching paint dry on my wall"
    Tim "but bro !!!!!!"
    George "god bless you Tiny Tim"

    As usual poor Timmy has got nothing . Call us when you get something Timmy boy

  5. Golden Hoax Rules For Getting Facetime on the Internet, When You Don't Have Squat:

    1. When you ain't got shit on video, instead video yourself on the phone out in the woods where their is no cell phone coverage, telling a fictitious person that the video camera cannot hear or record, that you actually got something on video of a skunk ape.

    2. Then instead of taking the time to download your worthless/non-existent video of a skunk ape to put on youtube, you download yourself from the same video camera doing the fake conversation in No. 1 above. Then you're golden.

  6. Fasano is the Jane Goodall of the skunk ape. He's an ambassador for the species.

  7. Tim Fasano finds a sammich in his oversized dockers shorts special ordered from a tent and awning company. True story!