Saturday, July 15, 2017

Rare Footage, Not A Man In A Suit!

Here's some rare footage in the era of the Patterson film, as well as some other rare clips you may have not seen already. Enjoy.


  1. Let me get this straight. Roger Patterson filmed the first segment of this clip near where the famous film was shot a few months before the famous footage was shot?

    Doesn't this contradict the stories that Patterson and Gimlin have told about going from Washington to California to go on an expedition to find a bigfoot?

  2. Nope. They made two trips.

    1. I agree with 3:44. When did they ever talk about two trips?

  3. There was more than one trip. Ive talked to Gimlin about it. He told me they made several according to him.

  4. Anybody that carefully studies that film and comes to the definite conclusion that it is a man in a suit had already made up their mind before examining the evidence.

  5. It has been alleged that this footage is of the same day just prior to Patty being filmed. So the story goes the men you see with the white German shepherd were hired guns by the forestry company whose equipment was being messed with in the area. They met up with P & G and an agreement was made they could film but under certain conditions. Those men with the guns killed a group of Sasquatch that day and skinned and dismembered the bodies and disposed of them in a pit filled with lime and/or lye. Patty was running from the bloodbath and that is how she was filmed. P & G had to agree to wait and release the footage claiming it to be filmed during a different time of year than it actually was. If true this would be a horrible tragedy for those poor creatures.