Sunday, June 18, 2017

Viewers Spot Bigfoot on Youtube Video

From the SoCal Sasquatch Organization youtube channel:

"It looks like you caught 2 boogers inside a cave? As your camera comes around the cedar tree at 7:51 (2:52 on this recap evidence video) just on the left of the tree there is a face looking at you. As you approach, it pulls back into the cave, there are branches hanging above the cave face for cover. But as you come at the cave the brush is hanging above and we see right inside the cave. At 8:08 it looks like 2 figures sitting on opposite sides of the opening...maybe a smaller one in the lap of the one on the left? You pan around as you tell the story and come back to that spot a couple times...10:10 they have moved positions slightly...see what you think? good story!"


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  2. They should go back and check out that cave. who knows what they'll find inside.
    Good eyes on the viewers for spotting it !